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DAVINES (Da-Vi-Ness)

Our main colour family is made by Davines, founded in Parma, Italy in 1983. Every product is born from intuition and is processed with an artisan spirit using the most advanced cosmetic technologies. They became a B Corporation in 2016 and they have an international presence in more than 90 countries with a multicultural staff.


Mask with Vibrachrom™ is Davines’ innovative coloring system introducing technology new to the world of hair color that allows superior, uniform color penetration into the hair’s structure, offers extra shine, high conditioning effect and outstanding duration of the color.


A New Colour is Davines’ ammonia-free permanent coloring system, designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting. For A New Colour, we drew inspiration from the insect’s world that summarizes and enhances nature’s creative skills and, at the same time, offers an unparalleled color range.

The Century of Light is Davines’ new premium bleaching system, formulated to respect and protect hair during any lightening technique, offering a comfortable and delicate service to the final client.


View is the new tone-on-tone colour line with acidic pH that offers extraordinary shine and fullness to the hair. It’s formulated respecting the environment, with 88% to 93% of natural origin ingredients and from 95% to 99% biodegradable ones.

  • 40 nuances and a gloss

  • It does not modify natural melanins

  • It vanishes in 15-20 washes


PRAVANA (Pruh-Vaa-Nuh)

Our vivid colour family is made by Pravana. We wanted to be able to offer you all the fun vivids so we brought in the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids.


Pravana was founded in 2004 by 30-year industry veteran Steve Goddard. Pravana brings stylists around the world groundbreaking, cutting edge products that are revolutionizing the beauty industry, one strand at a time.

Pravana’s philosophy goes beyond traditional product creation by redefining personal hair care with a caring commitment towards only the highest quality of product precision, underscored by a responsible approach. 

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids is their number 1 selling hair color. With 18 highly-pigmented shades and counting, ChromaSilk vivids gives hair artists everything they need to concoct, mix and create endless color palettes. Unleash your artistry.

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