Please read through the service descriptions to find the right service for you. Appointment times are unique to each service, so I want to make sure I have the perfect amount of time to suit your needs. Are you a new client? Still having trouble finding the right service? Have any questions? Click the 'HOW TO BOOK' button below to read through all the information provided or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can, thank you for understanding.

To my beloved clients:

As you know, I have been planning a price increase. This will take effect august 1, 2022.
I want to thank you all for being so supportive! I have been able to grow and evolve as a stylist thanks to all of you. Part of this increase is the ongoing rise in the cost of living, as well as products and supplies, as many of you are aware. Another big part is that over the past two years I have done an extensive investment in my education, notably with my hair cutting skills.

My straight razor cuts and curly cuts are seeing the biggest increase. Over the past two years I have invested quite extensively in my haircutting education, with a focus on straight razor cutting and natural textured hair.

I have worked very hard to level up my skills from a beginner to be able to offer this unique advanced technique to the region of Northwestern Ontario.

I realize this increase will no longer allow me to be affordable for some folks, and I completely understand if you need to find another stylist to suit your needs. Absolutely no hard feelings on my end- I am grateful for every one of you who have sat in my chair. If this is a concern for you, please reach out to discuss further. I want to thank everyone for continuing to support me and my work. My commitment remains to continue to elevate my craft.

Silent Service

What is a Silent Service?

A Silent Service is when you simply want to sit and enjoy your service quietly without all the small talk in-between, maybe you had a rough day at work or this is the only time to yourself or maybe you're just shy? This ones for all of our quiet people! The only time we will be talking throughout your service is during our consultation and any technical prompts we may need while we are crafting your look. You are more than welcome to bring headphones, a book, or anything to keep you occupied during your silent service.

How do you ask for a Silent Service?

When you make an appointment or when you arrive for your appointment simply say that you would like a Silent Service. Have any questions? Email me at


CLIPPER CUT (30 mins) $45
A simple haircut done with clippers and little to no scissor work.

BARBER CUT (45 mins) $55
A clipper fade or scissor over comb on short hair, with scissor work on top.

For hair shorter than chin length.

For hair longer than chin length but longer than mid back.

For hair longer than mid back or for very thick hair.


Kristyn is one of the few Canadian stylists that has done extensive education with Jayne Matthews, internationally-renowned razor specialist. Hair is cut with a straight razor rather than scissors, allowing for a textured, lived-in style that doesn’t require any hot tools. It grows out beautifully for 6 months to a year. Ideal for clients who air dry their hair/wear their natural texture. This is an advanced technique offered only by Kristyn in Thunder Bay! Choose this service if you want a shag, mullet, or if you wear your natural texture. Not ideal for kinky/coily textures.


For first-timers, big changes or after 10 months or more grow out since your last service.

To maintain your current razorcut up to 10 months of grow out.

EXPRESS CUT (45min) $50
Technically not a razor cut. Client comes in with hair dry and styled how they normally wear it, and we lightly touch it up with scissors. For up to 3 months of grow out.

RAZOR BANG TRIM (30min) $35
Fringe area is cut wet with the razor then dried. Includes face framing bits.


Truly a unique experience! Hair is cut dry with the curls in their natural state. Clients will receive an educational experience, learning styling and care tips for at home. Curls will be properly set and dried according to their curl pattern.
NOTE: Clients must come with their hair prepped! That means washed within 24-48 hrs, worn down, and detangled as can be without brushing it. Little to no product (no gels or heavy creams). Do not come with it in a bun or ponytail!


For first timers, big changes, or after 10 months or more grow out since your last cut. Includes a detox treatment to remove buildup so curls can be properly hydrated.

To maintain your current curly cut for up to 10 months of grow out. Does not include a detox treatment.

To maintain your current curly cut for up to 3 months of grow out. Hair is cut dry with curls in their natural state like always, but does not include a wash and style.

All colour services will now incur an hourly rate of $75/hr. Product usage (colour, lightener, toners, etc.) will be added via SalonScale at an additional cost.

What does this mean?

Just like getting a tattoo, instead of paying a fixed price with add-ons, you will be paying an hourly rate of $75/hr. Charges for product used will also incur. When you are booking your service, you will know the approximate amount of time your service will take so that you can know how much your service might cost.


Keep in mind these are approximate times only- Different colour services will have different time slots. Please note these are only APPROXIMATE service times. Variants such as hair density, texture, damage, previous colour work, or add ons such as extra foils, deep conditioning masks or other treatments will contribute to your appointment time. Unexpected occurrences might happen to lengthen the time of your service as well.

What is SalonScale?

SalonScale is a hair color management software that tells us the exact cost of hair color used on every client, in every bowl, in real-time. Allowing us to be even more transparent with you!



REGROWTH TOUCHUP 6-8 WEEKS OR LESS: 2 hrs with a cut, 1.5 without.

REGROWTH TOUCHUP 8-12 WEEKS: 2hrs 15mins with a cut, 1 hr 45mins without.

FULL COLOUR: 2.5 hrs with a cut, 2 hrs without.



*Highlights and balayage both fall under “foiling services”. Technique will vary depending on desired outcome. These services can have quite a variation of time slots depending on desired outcome, as well as variants like hair density, previous colour work, hair texture, integrity of hair, etc. Please note if you wish to do a vivid colour along with your foil service that will increase the time more than your average toner. The addition of a haircut, notably the advanced cuts like the razor/curly cut can increase service time more than basic cuts as well.

FOILING SERVICES- approximate appointment times

SINGLE PANEL OF FOILS: typically a “mohawk” section where the hair is parted, or a “money piece” hairline section. Minimum 2 hrs with a cut, 1.5 hrs without.

PARTIAL HEAD OF FOILS: all hair except under the occipital bone (nape of neck).
Minimum 2.5 hrs with a cut, 2 hrs without.

FULL HEAD OF FOILS: for full coverage! Minimum 3.5hrs with a cut, 3 hrs without.


PLATINUM COLOUR SERVICES- approximate appointment times

*Going platinum is a major service with MAJOR upkeep! New clients are required to have an in-person consultation before the service is booked.

BLEACHOUT- ALL OVER PLATINUM: requires consultation before booking!

BLEACHOUT- REGROWTH 6-8 WEEKS OR LESS: minimum 3 hrs with a cut, 2.5 hrs without.

BLEACHOUT- REGROWTH 8-12 WEEKS: minimum 3.5 hrs with a cut, 3 hrs without.



*Vivids will almost always require bleaching prior to their application, and are generally more time consuming appointments. They also require more maintenance and at-home care than naturals. Technique is totally dependent on desired outcome. All clients must go through a consultation prior to booking (email or possibly in-person, at my discretion). Appointment times vary vastly dependent on desired outcome, hair density, hair integrity and previous colour work.



*Certain high maintenance colours (ash tones, pastels or vivids) may require a toner for upkeep. These are quick services done at the sink.

TONER + CUT: approx 1.5-2hrs
TONER + WASH AND STYLE: approx 45mins-1hr
TONER + WASH (NO STYLE): approx 30mins