What Are We All About?

At ALTR we aspire to give you the highest level of service every time you visit us, welcoming you with a safe and friendly atmosphere. We believe in a revolution of service pricing: that it should be transparent and gender-neutral. Hair is hair. When you come to our studio you will experience quality, ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free hair care, all while taking care of yourself and the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to reduce our industry’s environmental impact. So we invite you to join us, to challenge the norm, and to sit with us and be nothing but yourself.

What Is A Craft Hairdresser?

A craft hairdresser is someone who has dedicated themselves to the industry. It is someone who constantly strives to improve their technical skills, and is committed to the growth of their craft. Doing hair is more than just a job- it is all-encompassing and defines us.  It represents a counter-culture to mainstream hairdressing. We are proud to represent a #crafthairdresser.


The Dresscode Project

We have an official membership with a really cool organization called The Dresscode Project. The Dress Code Project works to create gender affirming salons and barber shops for the LGBTQ2S+ communities. LGBTQ2S+ people are often misgendered, bullied, harassed, and mistreated when accessing services. The Dresscode Project supports members with resources and training on how to create safer spaces for LGBTQ2S+ clients with the goal that ALL people have the opportunity to access services and express themselves without the constraints of conforming to traditional gender norms.

Green Circle Salons

We are SOOO excited to announce that we are a Certified Sustainable Salon! Our salon is now a member of Green Circle Salons the beauty industry's pathway to sustainability!

What does this mean?
This means that 95% of our salon waste is recovered and repurposed, and kept out of landfills and waterways.

This program is funded through an Environmental Stewardship Fee included at the cost of your visit.
✨$1.00 for all haircuts
✨$2.00 for all solid colours/toners
✨$3.00 for all foil services